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Joe Sixpack Sietse Heslinga Huey Moor

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Miss Mary Ann / the Ranch Girls on the cover:

"The original line-up of the Ranch Girls & Ragtime Wranglers was a vocal and visual delight .... wonderful harmonies and first rate stage presence ... most enjoyable performance." Concert review in Now Dig This (UK magazine) April 2004.

"They´re magic ......Not a weak song to offer......all sparkle with vocals and instrumentation being strong all round ... there was a whole lof of rubbish released back in the fifties and this material is head and shoulders above that." Review on Can You Hear It in Now Dig This (UK magazine) May 2002.

"Hoe lang duurt het nog voor popminnend Nederland de Ranch Girls in de armen sluit." Recensie van Can You Hear It in Fret 2002.

"Klasse Country-Rockabilly aus dem Niederlanden... auch die Qualitat stimmt, in Darbietung, Abwechslung und Aufname. Emppfelenswert ." Recensie van Can You Hear It in Rock´n Roll Music Magazin 2002.

The 4 star (!) review from UK magazine "Country Music People" on the Ranch Girls' CD "Can You Hear It?" can be read at the website of Nervous Records:

You can find a story in Dutch about our 2002 US-tour at:

"Meest swingende diva van het westelijk halfrond." Recensie van Mad Mama in Country Gazette 2000.

"Beste zangeres van Nederland." Recensie van Mad Mama in Boppin´Around 2000.

"Absoluut een klasseplaat." Recensie van Mad Mama in Live XS 2000.

The 20th Hemsby Rock 'n Roll Weekender May 1998: you can find the review and pictures on this site:


"De Ranch Girls & Ragtime Wranglers had best op Lowlands mogen staan, want als er 1 formatie is, die eigenzinnig bezig is zijn zij het wel." Fret (magazine) October 2001

"If there was ever a female answer to the Delmore Brothers, Louvin Brothers, and Everly Brothers, it has to be the Ranch Girls & Ragtime Wranglers. Hailing from Holland, these gals and their band are an absolutely "must-see" act." Barry Klein (Rockabilly Hall of Fame website) about their show in Indianapolis 2001.

"Favorite European act at Hemsby" Visitors of the 11th Hemsby festival (U.K.) vote in Now Dig This (mag.).

"The best backing of an American act I ever saw" Willie Jeffery about the Ragtime Wranglers backing up the Collins Kids Hemsby 1998.

"Most exciting band of the weekend" Original Cool (magazine) January 1997 about the show at the RAB-rebel weekender in Indianapolis.

"They have the potential to be one of the biggest bands on the U.S.scene and I'm proud to have Fairmount '96 be their American debut" David Loehr from the James Dean Gallery in Original Cool (magazine) 1996.

"CD des Monats" Rockin' Fifties (German Magazine) about Rhythm On The Ranch.

"The Ranch Girls & Ragtime Wranglers sind so ziemlich das beste was es an Europäischen Hillbilly/Rockabilly Formationen gibt" Rockin' Fifties (German Magazine) about their show in Munich july 1995.

"This band have helped to make this music both creditable and cool" Mark Fenech in Southern & Rockin' magazine.

"Give yourself a break from rockabilly quartets and add some variety to your collection! This could or even should fit the bill" Dave Driver's review on the Ranch Girls' debut CD june 1994.



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