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The picture on the right is taken during the recordings of Miss Mary Ann's latest album "Danger Moved West" at the ARC in Amsterdam in 2012. She sings through a Neumann Ela M 301/1.

At the moment we're building our own Homebrew Recording Studio. More news about that soon.....

Meanwhile: below please find some info we taken off our earlier websites.

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We recorded the Hardrock Gunter 45rpm single at Ricky Lee Brown's Valvemobile Studio in London, July 1999.

Microphones used are:

- vocals: STC 4033

- backing vocals: STC 4033

- guitar: STC 4038

- mandoline: Gates G300

- bass: STC 4017-C

- drums: no mikes, room only

Other equipement: an RCA Consolette mixer, two Studer C-37 recorders and an Ampex 550 to create the slap-back effect.

The picture on the right shows Ricky Lee Brown (left) and Hardrock Gunter (right) plus 2 Studer recorders in between.


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The 3-track E.P. by Mary Ann, released on Goofin', is recorded in more or less the same way; except no room microphone is used.

The picture on the left shows how the drums were recorded. The drums are recorded with one microphone only: the RCA BK5 ribbon.

Close to the bass drum a mike is positioned to correct the sound of the bass drum on the recording if neccesary, but is not used in the mix.

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Our second CD is recorded during various sessions. All songs were recorded live. This recording was made monoraully in a Dutch recording studio with Hans Ettema at the engineering controls.

Instruments and microphone set-up was as follows: bass, Telefunken ELA 221 condenser; drums, RCA BK5 ribbon; steel-guitar, RCA varacoustic; guitar, RCA varacoustic; vocals, Telefunken U-47 condenser; mandoline, American D330; room, RCA PB90.

Effects used are: hall, AKG BX20 and slapback, Telefunken M12.

The picture on the right shows the Ranch Girls on a live show with the RCA-varacoustic.


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