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The Ranch Girls and the Ragtime Wranglers have been playing rock-a-billy / hillbilly based songs with female harmony vocal duets, songs from their musical heroes of the 40’s and 50’s as well as new originals, most of them written by "Ranch Girl" Mary Ann. No nostalgia here, but looking back and recreating the past.

Their first show was the 15 of June 1991 in Amsterdam. A few years later the name of the band "The Ranch Girls and the Drifting Texans" was changed into "The Ranch Girls and the Ragtime Wranglers".



So much has happened since then:

- the band has Dutch, German, Finnish, Belgium, Japanese and American releases, eight vinyl 7", four CD's and even a 78rpm .

- they are regular performers at all major Rockabilly / Roots festivals like the Rockabilly Rave (UK), the Rhythm Riot (UK), Hemsby (UK), Americana (UK), Oneida's Rockin' Fifties Fest (Greenbay, USA), American Music Festival (Berwyn, USA), Fairmount (Indianapolis, USA), Rock-it (Munich, D), Country Rendez Vous (Craponne, F), Mirande (F), D-day (Amsterdam, NL), Hi-Rockabilly (Barcelona, E) and many more.

- the band toured Europe countless times and over 10 times in the USA .

- the Ragtime Wranglers accompanied artists like: Sid and Billy King, Hardrock Gunter, Curtis Gordon, the Collins Kids, Larry Donn, Marvin Rainwater, Frankie Miller, Jack Earls, the Lucky Stars, Janis Martin, Barbara Pittman amongst others.

- they appeared live at National Dutch radio shows, like KRO Country Time, NCRV Volgspot, Dutch TV and at US radio-stations like WDVR and WCBN.

Halfway 2001 Miss Mary Ann started to perform solo, besides doing shows with the Ranch Girls. At her solo shows too, the Ragtime Wranglers support her. Her repertoire is a little bit different compared to the Ranch Girls’ set. You can find more information on the site of Miss Mary Ann.

Until today the band occasionally have been playing with the original line-up: Mary Ann (below, left) and Caroline (below, right) supported by the Ragtime Wranglers: Joe (guitar and steel-guitar); Sietse (drums) and Huey (bass) . The band still hangs its hats in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


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Since the band’s founding in 1991 the Ragtime Wranglers have been playing many instrumentals. In 2004 the Ragtime Wranglers decided to play extra shows, without the girls. Playing mostly instrumentals, but the Ragtime Wranglers will sing a few songs as well. They released their own CD "Groove a Tune" in 2005. You can find more information on the site of the Ragtime Wranglers. One year later Miss Mary Ann released her second solo CD "Rock it on Down to my House", another Sonic Rendezvous release which also has been received very well.

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