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Newsletter March 2014

Gigs wanted UK / France / Germany

Attention promoters.......

UK gigs (London / South / East area) wanted for Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers: 1st or 2nd of August 2014.

France gigs wanted for The Ranch Girls & Ragtime Wranglers:  11 or 13 July 2014.

Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers are looking for a place to play in West Germany or North-East Holland 3 or 5 October 2014.

Please call for offers or click Miss Mary Ann in the nudie suit (right) to send us an e-mail.

We never sleep!



Rocking in Rotterdam this year.

The band is always happy to play concerts in their hometown Rotterdam. 

The 1st of March the Ragtime Wranglers played an instrumental set and a set backing-up Sister Cookie (UK) with the help of Ludwig Reis (baritone sax) and Joe Rivera (trumpet). A wonderful party at the sold out jazzclub "Bird" for the 10th anniversary of Very Cherry (see pictures left). 

22 March Miss Mary Ann will play at the Tattoo convention in Ahoy (afternoon) plus cafe "De Bel" (evening), just a few blocks from the Homebrew office.

At 6 September Miss Mary Ann will play at "Nacht van de Kaap".

We're on the phone at this very moment for some more gigs in Rotterdam.

Photoshoot North Sea Round town

"Models" Sietse and Huey were invited to do the promo photoshoot for this event. Joe couldn't make it; he was working on his never ending project, building the Homebrew sound-studio. 

This is the 3rd photoshoot the band is invited for in a short period. If this continues to be successfull the bandmembers can start a new career.

Result of the shoot: see the promo pictures below.

Models needed? Call the Ragtime Wranglers hot-line.


Old news

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