Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers

Newsletter July 2013

To everyone attending to the "Danger Moved West" release party in Rotown: thanks so much! 

To everyone that couldn't get in: sorry for that. It was a great night: hart-warming audience, the best soundmen, DJ Mike and DJ Jacinto playing unbeatable rocking vinyl and last but not least: the Truly Lover Trio heated up the crowd to the boiling point. Rockabilly Dazzle #11 a.s.a.p.!!

picture: Del Colliver

The new new ablum is selling beyond expectation. 50% of the vinyl is sold in just a few months.  

Still...... orders will be welcome always. We never sleep! Please click the picture (top) to get to our merchandize page.

The debut gig of the New Ranch Girls with a brand new repertoire, took place at the recent Rockabilly Rave in the UK (picture below). This years Rockabilly Rave was one of the best ever. Besides the New Ranch Girls, Joe Sixpack and Sietse joined Eddy Angel's Link Wray tribute for a couple of songs (picture left).

The New Ranch Girls have two more shows lined up to look forward to in 2013: Summer Jamboree in Italy (Thursday 8 August) and Bethune Retro in France (Saturday 24 August).

pictures: Edonald Duck


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