Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers

Newsletter / nieuwsbrief March 2016

Miss Mary Ann is proud to be asked to be part of the Keith Turner Revue on the 20th May in Edinburgh. Please show your support! If you can't make it, but you do care and would like to give some financial support, you can make a donation at the PayPal address link at the fyer. All money will go to cancer-research and the children's hospice. Thanks a lot!

We have more interesting gigs coming up. One of these is really worth mentioning: mark your calendar at 27 april. There will be an outdoor roots-stage at Sunset Cafe, Botersloot Rotterdam with the Ragtime Wranglers, 44 Shakedown and the Dry Riverbed Trio. More info on this gig soon at the band's facebook page.

For booking Miss Mary Ann / the Ranch Girls / the Ragtime Wranglers please feel free to inquire by responding to this newsletter.


The Ragtime Wranglers are being sponsored by New York Barbershop Rotterdam.

Old news

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