Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers

Newsletter / nieuwsbrief December 2015

Special X-mas offer:

The Danger Moved West T-shirt just for 12.50 Euro including first-class world-wide shipping!

Miss Mary Ann herself made this cool shirt's design. Order now to get an original X-mas present. Our PayPal address is: info@missmaryann.com Please don't forget to mention size, colour and your address. 

Offer lasts until X-mas. 


Please check available sizes at our website (link at the pictures).


LP's for US buyers:

To ship 12 inch records overseas cost a fortune. Too often we had deals turned down because the shipping amount was almost equal to the price of our albums. US customers better buy at Rock And Roll Land; they have our vinyl LP's "Danger Moved West" and "15 Smoking Tracks" in stock. Please find the link at their logo below. 

Last gig in Rotterdam in 2016

20 December The Ragtime Wranglers play at De Ouwehoer in Rotterdam. This is the 13th concert we play in our hometown and maybe the last one this year. Check out the cool interior of this cool place, built by ..... our drummer Sietse. Hey... we'll add a few X-mas songs in the set!

Old news

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