Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers

Newsletter July 2014

In this newsletter some words about the individual bandmembers.
Miss Mary-Ann dress

Miss Mary Ann is very honoured. Fashion designer and pin-up model Bernie Dexter named one of her dresses after Miss Mary Ann. 

You can click the picture for the link to the Bernie Dexter website with the Miss Mary-Ann dress in gold lurex.


Guitar backing by Joe Sixpack in a Dutch theatre play

Joe Sixpack will be playing guitar in a Dutch theatre play the 9th,10th and 14th of August at the Boulevard in Den Bosch Netherlands. The play by John Buijsman is about a 7000 miles road trip of a middle aged guy named Scott; hunting an illusion; trying to find Annie, a hooker from Horseshoe Bay.

Sietse continues building the Homebrew Recording studio

Slowly going steady. Still a long way to go, but here's some pics of progress by the hand of our drummer Sietse. From left to right: levelled acoustical insulated ceiling - vintage espagnolette for the rear windows - stairs to the living room. The stairs are very comfortable; we don't have to acces the studio through the garden anymore. 

Huey Moor will join Jamie Bubba J Faulkner again

After the successfull gig with Jamie Bubba J Faulkner at the Rockabilly Rave (picture below), Huey will join him again at the Hotrod Hayride in the UK 25-27 July 2014 . Click the picture for a link to the festival website. It will be a blast; the festival is sold out!

Old news

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